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Kyline Brandt

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Eden OOC Information

My SD Gun! Open fire hire and ready to take down the bad guys whom he deems worth his time to do so. If you want to plot, feel free to PM my OOC account. All graphics/codes/etc are mine so please don't steal! THANKS!

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Andrew Garfield
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Spirit Detectives
Pro X-Gamer / Freelance Bodyguard

Character Summary


kyline brandt NICKNAME » Ky, Linn, Sky, Bullet, Kirin AGE » seven thousand five hundred SEXUALITY » heterosexual LIKES »
• Sex
• Women
• Guns
• Computers
• Technology
• Smoking
• Drinking
• Partying
• Music
• Breaking the Rules
• Technologically in-advanced areas
• Boredom
• Goody-two-shoes
• Rules & Regulations
• Being bossed around
• Red tape preventing him from getting his job done
the good

Playful and aloof, there isn't much in the world that can get under Kyline's skin. He appreciates the little things that life has tossed his way, even though he had to grow up with the prejudice of being a demon. A bit of a clown and a ladies man to boot, he often competes for the spotlight. Loyal to his friends and equally as passionate with his music, he takes his life and his skills very seriously if nothing else in his life.

Not much has changed over the years in regards to Kyline's overall demeanor since he was a kid. Sure, time has passed and he's had many an adventure having traveled across the globe, but despite this, Kyline is still able to maintain his own sense of self and keep to his own creed, so to speak. Here and there his point of view may have changed, but the ideals that make Kyline who he is today is ever resilient, making him the same Kyline Brandt everyone knew when he grew up in the Demon Realm.

the bad

Stubborn and impulsive, Kyline has a nasty habit of jumping into the fray without thinking things through. One can't help but wonder if this is part of his charm or brashness. However, when he realizes that he's in a fix and with his back against the wall, the "boy wonder" who always manages to get out of a pinch shows himself and it's during these moments that a person can truly understand why Kyline has been able to make it as far as he has.

Kyline thinks out of the box when the situation calls for it. Using tactics most have never even thought of - both in and out of battle and in the midst of an extreme sports competition - has made Kyline pretty famous in the X-Games world. Utilizing the environment to his advantage, Ky is very well-aware of his surroundings at all times. As a master sniper, Kyline has learned not only how to utilize his own wide array of skills to obtain victory, but he won't run away from a man-to-man fight either. Traveling across the world has made the demon hone his skills and maintain some semblance of physical fitness. It only makes the most sense seeing as how he was once a vagrant, constantly on the go and hardly ever stopping in a city for too long before hitting the trail once more. Some may attribute this to luck, but Kyline would like to think that it's simply because he's put himself out there to get his ass kicked that somewhere down the line, he got better and better with each defeat. Victories are simply sweeter that way once they come around.

the heartache

As a friend, Kyline is loyal, compassionate and giving. He would never hesitate to help a friend in need and tries to give it his one hundred percent in everything he does. Open to constructive criticism, there are times when even Kyline gets a little vain and offended when someone tells him that he's getting too ahead of himself or blatantly states that he's going to lose. Even if he's proven wrong, he still feels the need to jump into the conflict head on and will lick his wounds later. But either way, he still appreciates his friends' opinions and tries to take their critiques with a grain of salt .

Defensive when it comes to his friends, he won't hesitate to step in and take the burden onto his own shoulder, even without someone having to ask as well as putting his own life at risk if necessary. As a person who truly believes in all that is right and fair, he simply cannot tolerate oppression of the weak or prejudice against others. Call him naive, but that's just the way he is.

the truth

Though childish at times, Kyline has a sense of humor in abundance. Unfortunately most don't share in his opinion of what he thinks is funny - namely his own pet mongoose, Rikki (yes, that Rikki-Tikki-Tavi - don't act like you didn't catch on to that). Ky has been on the receiving end of many a "thundershock" to prove it (also known as Rikki's nasty little bites during bath time). Despite still being silly and having childish antics, Kyline has truly grown up into a somewhat mature and sensible adult. Yes, he has his shortcomings and acknowledges this, but he doesn't let it get him down.

He knows that there is still much for him to learn as far as how the world operates, even after all his travels these years. But his past experiences have enabled him to become the man he is today, someone that he can be proud of. Nevertheless, he knows that his journey is far from over and so, taking all these things into account, Kyline is determined to grow stronger and wiser so that he can truly become the greatest the world has ever seen!

"I lick the gun when I'm done; revenge is sweet."













Character In-Depth

Kyline Brandt

a l i a s e s
Casual: Ky, Sky, Linn, Kirin
Code: Bullet
a f f i l i a t i o n
• Solo Demon
• Spirit Detectives
s e x u a l i t y
• Heterosexual
s t r e n g t h s
• Confident
• Courageous
• Never Gives Up
• Marksmanship
• Carefree
• Simplistic
a g e
True Age: 7,500
Apparent Age: 24
Birthday: Unknown
o c c u p a t i o n
• Spirit Detective [Gun]
• Professional X-Gamer
• Freelance Bodyguard
p h o b i a s
• Permanent physical injuries
• Rejection
w e a k n e s s e s
• Guns - anything and everything to do with guns. He loves how they are created
• Coffee & Cigarettes - he curses the person who came up with this combination because now he can't live without it
• Children

b a c k g r o u n d - c h e c k

His life many years ago are a bit of a blur. He just remembered a cold, lonely feeling existing in the pit of his heart - buried deep inside so that not even he could touch it. It frightened him when he woke up and was suddenly amongst faces he couldn't recognize - in a world that he barely understood was real or make believe. So many emotions were raging inside of him that he didn't know what to do or think or even feel so he pushed himself to feel nothing. The sleeper who had awoken was nameless, seemingly faceless, and with many unanswered questions.

Who was he? Where was he? What happened to him? Why was he here?

Well, the first question was impossible for him to answer. Not when he had amnesia and couldn't remember his own name. But the second question was a little bit easier. He was currently in the Demon Realm. Though "The City" was what this place was called, he didn't have much of a clue as to what all he should be doing here or why he was in this country full of people who smelled like the undead.

The young demon didn't know much about himself. What happened was still a mystery. All he knew was that he had a splitting headache as a child and felt like someone had taken his eyes out and replaced them with other ... things. After smelling around on his person, he could not only smell other demonic energies on him, but traces of other beings as well: humans. Both familiar and yet so foreign.

Though he didn't know who he was, or where he was going, the boy knew that he had to find out the truth. But some truths were better to be discovered on one's own instead of asking questions. After all, when you can't remember your own name, how can you truly trust those around you not to lie to you about anything? So, after discovering what he needed to do to cross over into other territories and enter a new world, the Human Realm, the young nameless wanderer did just that.

Soon after his departure, the demon found himself in the company of humans - humans that, regardless of their mortality, gave him something that was beyond being forgotten.

A name. Kirin.

Gathering himself around a small band of thieves, Kirin was able to discover his abilities rather quickly in the group. But because of his origins, Kirin could only do so much as a young demon who had not been properly reared up to hone his skills. Did that mean that there was still a place that he needed to go?

Kirin, for nearly two thousand years, had a hard time struggling with his identity. What could he do, really? He didn't have a true face of his own. The mask he took now, was it really his? He'd woken up in The CCity, shocked and confused and with a different mask back then. Was it even his? Truly? Because he had no memories, could he even say the mask he woke up with was his true face?

These sorts of questions plagued Kirin for the next fifty years when he was stealing from the rich and helping the poor - a sort of Robin Hood in his own right.

In time, bits of his memories started returning. Especially when he would encounter other demons. Why did these specific entities cause his memories to awaken, fragmented as they were?

Feeling that he'd had enough of the life of a thief, Kirin traveled back to Fata Morgana to discover the truth. He would seek out whomever he needed to and question them accordingly.

Kirin should have never gone back to Fata Morgana. Perhaps if he had stayed ignorant in the Human Realm, he would have been able to escape the horrible truth that came with traversing the lands of Fata Morgana. He would have been allowed to remain ignorant to the whole truth of everything and continued to live his life in peace, or as peaceful as he could muster.

Many years later, Kirin was able to uncover the truth of what was really wrong with him, where he came from and why he could do what he could. It all was clear to him in the form of two words: Project Rakshasa.

It started with Alchemists in The City. It always started with Alchemists. After having been stripped from his family at a young age, Kirin could only guess that he had to have been born to pair of demons thousands of years ago. Otherwise they wouldn't have been able to play with the idea of stripping his standard abilities into those of the creature that he was today.

According to his personal file, No. 27, Kirin was what they had dubbed as a Naityan Rakshasa: demons with the ability to utilize different combat styles based on their current forms. Specifically sent in for combat, Kirin was one of dozens in the project. However, he was the third created in that particular style. The previous two specimens had died: perished either from complications during the procedure to create the Naityan Rakshasa while the other committed suicide after realizing they'd forgotten what their original name and face were.

He couldn't believe what he was reading. Project Rakshasa was tossed into the furnace, at least in the public's eye. Most had found it to be barbarous, even for demonic standards. However, because Kirin had supposedly been one of few successful test subjects for the project, they were still on the lookout for him. He needed to leave immediately. He had to get out and cross The Veil back into the human world.

Here, Kirin was able to let go of his life in The City - the life he'd completely forgotten anyway - and resume it to being a thief. He looted to his heart's content, creating a legend of himself in the Underground circles. His alias?


But even the infamous Monty longed to be within the circles of a family once more. And just when he was pining for the life of a family harder than he had in many decades, one came into his life and held him close with no questions. They were the Brandt's.

The only real family he ever knew were the Brandt's. The fact that he had parents somewhere who had abandoned him oh so long ago - or even a connection to his past didn't really matter. None of that mattered because he just didn't care anymore. They had given him a new name and he had embraced it happily. All he'd known himself to be was simply Kyline Archer Brandt and he liked it that way. He didn't know that there was a thing called "The City," nor did he know what was beyond it. Those things just didn't matter to him. Especially when the people who'd adopted him accepted him for the demon that he was.

He lived a happy and carefree life. There was nothing much for him to really complain about; his mother and father loved him equally as his other siblings, and he got along well with his brothers. He loved his family and while the times spent with them were plentiful, Kyline knew that the world was calling for him once more. And so he traveled again, his feet kicking up dust along the road of life.

Homeless, seemingly penniless, and having to reestablish himself, Kyline decided to harness his skills. If he was created to be a fighter, then he would fight for his own reasons. Eventually his skills led him back to Fata Morgana, back to the City which he had tried his hardest to forget. Guess a person could never truly forget their roots. No matter how hard they tried. Within a few short years, he found himself being drawn to the Spirit Detectives and their vigilante sense of justice. Years passed and he found himself living a pretty comfortable life in The City; the ace sniper that often got called in for the big jobs.

Time continued to pass and he did his jobs here and there, collecting bounties as they came. But times were hard and his skills were starting to go to waste. He needed to be able to make a quick buck and fast.

How fortunate was he that Blanchard Industries called him from his business line, asking to hire him on to shadow their impulsive, reckless and trouble making CEO? Snipe from the shadows? Sure, Kyline could do that, no problem.

Demon Information

hit me, I can take your cheap shot
Because when I arrive
I, I'll bring the fire
Make you come alive
I can take you higher
What this is, forgot?
I must now remind you
Let It Rock
Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf

"Be impressed with how well I use these guns, now with how many I have."

Kyline's all about justice and will cross any line to see that it's fulfilled, even if that means defying the current government or even going against his fellow Spirit Detectives. Equipped with a silver tongue and dashing good looks (as well as that oh-so popular charm of his), Kyline has been known to be able to talk his way out of many a compromising situation. He is not a fan of confrontation (at least not when it is of no benefit to himself) and despises having his "flawless" figure marred in any way. Bruises may be a turn on for some women, but that is one turn on that he could do without.

"Never assume that the obvious is true."

Kyline's true demon form resemble that of a humanoid who is covered from head to toe in armor and dragonfly-like wings spreading from his back. Even in his demon form, he is an ace sniper; shooting projectiles from his body at hyper speeds. Like all demons, he feeds best off of emotions and the emotion that he feeds off the most is elation and confidence.

A jokester by nature, Kyline is all for lightening the mood and he tends to be quite successful whenever he tries to alleviate the tension in any situation. He likes to party and likes to have fun, but nothing excites him more than doing maintenance on his arsenal or being in the presence of a lovely female with whom he wishes to clamber into bed with. Sex is not a mere game to him, nor is it taken lightly by any means. Kyline likes to think himself being able to connect at a certain level with the female he decides to bed down with.

"The truth is never pure and rarely simple."