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Tansen Zaitsev

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Mila Kunis
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
She, Boss, Her
her, she
Right Hand to Kazuya & Rakuen

Character Summary

'Nor shall this peace sleep with her; but as when
The bird of wonder dies, the maiden phoenix,
Her ashes new create another heir
As great in admiration as herself;'

Pit Mother

 photo tinyline_zpsycwlrvbl.png


From a lowly guest fighter, to a rising star, to a trainer, to the right hand of the boss himself. She took care of everyone and everything. The pit mother. Just as she was his mother. A snarky attitude, one who could jest with the best of the guys, but also throw down with them. With curves, and strength, she still knew how to use her wits. A strong worker, and a loyalist to Kazuya. She would protect him as she would protect her brother. Ensuring the training of the top fighters, or those with promise was met with the highest attention.

Ensuring those that needed it were healed, or were provided the proper service by the leagues lower biomancers. Money exchange, hosting set ups, event planning, legal and illegal connections to ensure everything was in order. This is who she was. This is how she thrived. All in an attempt to ensure security. And, of course, to watch as blood splattered to the matt. She missed it sometimes, the fight. But it was rare she would rejoin, much too busy with the office work and ensuring Kazuya's life was completely overrun by her own. She is the most loyal of companions, and will take care of you like you are her very own blood, but if you cross her. There is no turning back.

Big Sister

 photo tinyline_zpsycwlrvbl.png


So shall she leave her blessedness to one,
When heaven shall call her from this cloud of darkness,
Who from the sacred ashes of her honour
Shall star-like rise as great in fame as she was,
And so stand fix'd


No Ascensions

BIOMANCY CONTROL BASED. Legendary. You can speed up the healing process to close up minor wounds to mortal injuries (dependent on your mastery level). It is easier to locate vital organs that may be damaged. Time and amount of contact you need to begin this process is also based on your mastery level.

BLOOD CONTROL BASED. Proficient. The larger amount of ways you can manipulate blood at once

Bone Manipulation CONTROL BASED. Minor. The larger transformations that can be made to bone placement and configuration, specifically strengthening the ability to reshape bones.

NECROSIS CONTROL BASED. Lesser.The easier it is to start the necrosis, and the more control you have over it. People with higher control will never accidentally wither their lover’s face, or corrode their puppy’s skin, however they usually have to grab and hold on to someone for a second of two before their necrosis can activate. This can obviously lead to some clear openings for an opponent

PESTILENCE CONTROL BASED. Proficient. Possess command over a narrower scope of disease, virus, or infection, but to a more severe effect.

VISION CONTROL BASED. Lesser. Your other visions aren’t as powerful as your normal eyesight, but you have more control over them and are less likely to have your vision switching on you without your knowledge

Character In-Depth


With a younger brother in tow, it was never easy trying to hide the hardships of their life. While he was only a few years younger than her, those four years really made the difference to an eleven year old with a chip on her shoulder. It was them against the whole world. Everything she did, was to try to protect him. To nourish him. While Boris had once been a small child, with a bubbling laugh, it never lasted. Not when they were passed from an abusive foster home, to a neglectful foster home. Their entire life surrounded by uncertainty and hardships, his smile and bubbling laughter soon faded to an emotionless void. Sometimes she would catch the glimpse of who he used to be, sometimes, but not often. And even more rare now.

She did whatever she could for him, to see him thrive in a world that knocked her down time and time again. A drive to succeed, and even if she could not, perhaps she could open a sliver into the world for him to succeed in her place. She protected him from the blows, even though he always tried to take them for her. Always up for a scrap. They both were. With a chip on their shoulder, and something to prove, and only themselves to protect one another, their only choice was to learn to fight. To defend. To offend. When she turned seventeen, and he was only thirteen, she worked two jobs to support him. To support his dream to train, while she was only able to do so in the light of the night, or the dark of the morning. She worked to show him there was a chance. A hope. And he fucking thrived!

And then their world all came crashing down. She knew his temper. She understood it. The holes in their shitty one bedroom apartment proved it. The broken dishes. The broken knuckles. Never did he hit her though. And never would he. She watched on the side lines. Watched as her little brother beat the shit out of his opponent until he lay lifeless. Her eyes widened. Watching in horror as blood mingled with flesh until it was almost unrecognizable. After that, he went even darker. And she became lost, unsure on how to help him. So she did what she did best. She worked her ass off to find a solution. She could not watch her only family dwindle into nothingness. To watch what little emotion crossed his face, vanish to never return.

The underground. It was where she had learned to fight, while he was being trained by the professionals. It was where she learned the taste for blood, the way to move, the way the world worked. It was her escape, and she thrived. He never knew. It was her dirty little secret. He never questioned when she started being able to afford the small things. Then the big things. It was a world she was apart of, that she loved, that she worshiped and that worshiped her, but, he could never be apart of it. He could never know. Or so she thought. A year after nothing came for him, she decided to let him see her true world. With eyes of innocence. And he fucking loved it.

 photo tinyline_zpsycwlrvbl.png


Demon Information

An allegory of of insurrection and life after death, the phoenix is never surpassed by it's ability to provide judgement. Not only is Styxx always by Tansen's side, she communicates telepathically with her hose. The ability to speak to others, completely inconsequential. She only finds it necessary to portray her thoughts to that who is important to her. Tansen. And only Tansen. Golden and Fire red like the sun, she is a little bigger than an eagle, with a larger wingspan. Normally she will be deigned close, but not too close but during anything of boring or mundane interests she is vanquished to a pendant, an anti-dominion bracelet for her necrosis gifted to her by her employers, that is wound tightly around Tansen's wrist