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EverLeigh Ashcroft

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Character Summary

The Yin to her twin's Yang, Ever is a hothead who is the first to let everyone know her thoughts on everything and anything that pisses her off.

She is loyal to her family, to an extent. Her world revolves around her twin, and where he goes, she goes. The rest of her family does not have that sort of loyalty from her. She would be happy to let the world burn, all the other Ashcrofts included, so long as she and Leighton could be together forever.

Having no patience for mundane shit like "work", she became a hacker to make the need for the mundane obsolete for her and her brother.


Character In-Depth

The Warrior

She was bred for war.

It ran through her veins like fire. And with her brother at her side, their army was unstoppable. She focused her life on being the perfect child and soldier in hopes of earning her father’s favor. She would have done anything for him, and followed him blindly. So strong was her loyalty, that she had wanted to go to him upon learning of her siblings plans to betray their parents.

And she would have, if it weren’t for the one person she loved above all others; her twin Leighton.

Leighton’s loyalty ran with their siblings, it had been a small point of contention between the two of them. He had convinced her to join with their siblings to put a stop to their parents, and though it went against her instincts, she agreed. When the smoke cleared, and their parents were gone, she saw the reaction from the kingdom and the doubts of who her father really had been started to take root. And, while she had proven her loyalty to her siblings, and would fight and die beside them, her true loyalty lies with Leigh. Not only would she die for him, but she would die without him as well.

The Lover

While EverLeigh loves all of her siblings, there is no love greater than her love for her twin. They have always been inseparable, never able to bear being parted for any length of time. She has a connection with him that no one seems to understand. A constant need for physical contact with him, and not just because it is needed for their demon side to come out, though maybe it started that way.

At the beginning, it was brushed off as just being a twin thing; their constant hand holding, sharing a bed and talking in unison. But as time went on, it became more. Her dominions emerged as opposite spectrums of his, as if keeping them safe from multiple forms of attack or allowing them to get around multiple forms of defenses.

She reached her sexual maturity in his arms, and it just felt right. Maybe its because of their demon form making their two bodies one carrying over into their human forms, she doesn’t know, or care. Leigh is the only one she could ever love and willingly give herself completely to, and it would kill her if he ever took another.

He is also the voice of reason constantly in her head. While the fire in her veins makes her run hot, her twin’s ice keeps him cool and more laid back. The war had taught her to listen to him more, and while she is still very vocal about her thoughts and feelings on any subject, her ultimate course of action always depends upon Leighton’s decisions.

She is positive, that without him, their siblings would have turned on her as quickly as they had their parents.

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