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Rebekah Ashcroft

I just want my family to be safe.
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Solo Demon
Phoebe Tonkin
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Sergeant | Monai

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Rebekah Ashcroft

"Family defines you even if it does demand sacrifice."

Becks, Rebby, Rebecks


August 17th

Solo Demon

English, Latin, and Greek

Southern Demon Realm




Queen of the Southern Demon Realm | Sergeant in Monai

Phoebe Tonkin

The war has effected Rebekah so deeply she cannot shake the memories even after it has ended. She is constantly on guard and ready to take our any threat to herself or her family as she has learned that even a moment of peace can turn to tragedy in the matter of moments. Moving to the City has helped a bit and she has learned to relax a bit more and attempt to truly enjoy her life now.

Quick witted and sharp tongued she holds nothing back when speaking. If she believes someone is out of line or in the wrong she will speak up without hesitation no matter their rank or position in life. There is no filter on her mouth and while she is never overly callous or cruel she does not believe in coddling anyone. Everyone has to grow up sometimes and if they cannot take harsh truths then they need thicken their skins or get out of her way.

Born the second child into her family, Rebekah never knew the love of a parent. Her own were nothing more than her king and queen, treating her like a disposable commander. It did not bother her at first as the love of her older sister helped soothe the ache and fill the hole in her heart that ached to be love. For her, that was simply how life was and she knew better than to try and escape as they had been brutally punished when their father found them after Aikatherine had tried to save them both from the life.

For almost 900 years it was just the two of them before their parents decided their was another pocket of land they wanted to take over. Instead of assigning a new commander to lead the charge their parents had Mikhail. Rebekah had been ecstatic to have another new siblings, a baby brother, but her parents did their best to crush that out of her by denying both their children access to the child until he was old enough to lead his own army to over take the lands they desired.

Unfortunately it seemed at first that Mikhail was just as unloving and incapable of emotions as their parents but the sisters worked hard and finally broke through the brainwashing their parents had placed upon him and revealed that Mikhail was actually one of the sweetest boys alive. He loved to laugh, sing, and play harmless tricks on their men to get a laugh from his sisters.

It absolutely shattered Rebekah's heart to watch that light die in him as the toil and stress of their lives extinguished it. While he still loved his sisters, protected them even from their parents should they be punished for an infraction, and be almost obsessive in his need to assure himself they were safe after a battle the laughing and singing trailed off until Rebekah almost forgot they had ever existed.

And then another move was made. A kingdom who refused to bend to the ironclad rule of the Ashcroft's and once again another commander was born. This time, twins. The cycle twice more with the siblings struggling so hard to retain their humanity and sanity before they finally had enough when their baby brother was slated to lead an army into a battle that they knew he would not survive. It was an obvious trap and everyone knew it. But their parents refused to hear their pleas to not send him or to send extra help. In their eyes, it was worth losing soldiers to send a message that they were not afraid.

Even if one of those soldiers was their baby son.

That is when the siblings made a pact. They would fight this one last war together as a united pack of their own. The very night before Ryder was to lead his men on their suicide march the group of 7 siblings launched an all out war against their own kingdom. In the aftermath thousands lay dead throughout their kingdom and their mother and father were among the dead.

Not a tear was shed for the loss of the ruling pair, but instead the kingdom celebrated along side the siblings. While the ones who were loyal to their parents had fallen the number of demons whose loyalty was to the new Ashcroft pack was overjoyed at the victory of their leaders and rejoiced at the siblings new freedom.

With Aikatherine, now free to be Kolton, and Rebekah at the head the war was ended and peace settled in the Southern Kingdom. Each of the siblings swore again their loyalty to pack and then left, with their burdens lifted, to explore the world as they had never done before.

And even now, 525 years since the war had ended Rebekah still could not allow herself to breath steadily. Thirteen thousand years of war and blood. Of watching siblings grow and become warped by the life. Of having to spend hours scrubbing the blood of innocent victims from her hands or pacing her chambers in pure terror as she awaited news of the safety of one of her packmates had driven an intense fear and paranoia in her that simply could not be abated.

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