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Read Maclaurin

The sentimental, the sap, not quite the boy next door.
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Laina OOC Information

No restrictions on plots for me. Throw stuff at this kid. PM me with ideas. I'm sure it'll be great.

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Froy Gutierrez
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age

Character Summary

+ Read has been a troublemaker his entire life.
+ He grew up in a rather wealthy upbringing, but overall it just sucked.
+ If there anyone on this planet he actually cares about, it's his little sister Lia.
+ He has a serious issue jealousy problem, but it's not really his but his demon's more specifically
+ He stumbled upon The City after he stole his brothers car, and quite honestly he's never felt more at home anywhere ever before.
Blood, Proficient, Control Based: The larger amount of ways you can manipulate that blood at once
Animation, Lesser, Control Based: The larger amount of unanimated objects you can animate and control at once.
Shapeshifter, Lesser, Control Based: You are more abstract, and driven by your imagination. You can change yourself to look like any animal you have seen in your lifetime. As your mastery grows, you may even shapeshift into the tiniest of insects; some of which you’ve never even seen except for online or on tv. Your specialty is in transforming into mythological creatures and abstract ideas, such as an angel or beam of light. Of course, the higher the concept, the harder it is to pull off. Lesser control based shapeshifters are hardly able to perform this feat. These people have trouble shapeshifting into other people.
Gold Touch, Greater, Control Based: The easier it is to avoid turning your loved ones into gold when you touch them. It typically takes a longer time of contact to turn something into gold (especially people), due to the amount of repression it takes to control the ability
Disintegration, Proficient, Power Based: The faster the disintegration works.
Paper, Minor, Power Based: The larger amount of paper you can control.

Character In-Depth

The good: + Adaptable + Empathetic + Humorous + Protective + Playful + Kindhearted
The bad: - Indecisive - Envious - Excitable - Moody - Impulsive - Misguided

Height: 5'11''
Sexuality: Bisexual
Likes: + Junk food + Music (creating and listening) + Occult stuff
Dislikes: - Scary movies - Gore - Brocolli

+ He's a virgin be gentle with him.
+ He much more prefers warm weather to cold weather. He'll complain a lot if it's below comfortable temperatures.
+ Literally he'll flirt with almost every girl ever. But he's terrible at it. He's accustom to rejection.
+ If he can make you laugh he won't mind being the butt of a joke. Most of the time.
+ His feelings about relationships are unrealistic. He's a romantic sap truly.
+ It's not hard to make him blush. He's pretty immature.
+ Read is a lover, not so much a fighter, but he'd throw some punches for people he cares about. He's a protective young man -that's not to say they'd actually land, but he'd still try!-
+ He is clumsy as all get out. All too often has this kid been in the hospital for extended periods of time nursing a broken something or other.

Mother: Emily Maclaurin
Father: Zachary Maclaurin
Older Brother: Michael Maclaurin
Younger Sister: Lia Maclaurin

"Sharing is caring"
...But what if I want what they have, and they don't want to share? What if they use what they have to boast about how great they are for having it? At an early age Read had a problem with sharing his things with others, whether it be trivial things in school, or at home. His parents thought that it was a phase, but they were disappointed to be proved wrong.

"I'm not the best at everything, but at least I try.."
Growing up next to Michael Maclaurin sucked. He was the golden boy, the perfect child, great at school, better at pleasing 'the parents' and exceeding their expectations. How was he supposed to live up to that? Michael had just been accepted to a very popular private school, and soon enough he'd go onto college to con people out of their hard earned money like the lawyers his parents were. Meanwhile, all Read had were half assed guitar skills and poems on a page. Useless. He wasn't going to advance the science on demonology, or manipulate the public on moral wrong doings committed, but at least he could make something with his hands. He could make sound with his damn hands. That was cool too, right?

"It wasn't all bad."
When his little sister was born Read had often feared that she would be just like his older brother. He had thought, wholeheartedly, that he would despise her like he did Michael. To his utter surprise, that wasn't the case at all. She was quite different than their older brother, in that she wasn't just a go-getter striving to be the best regardless of who it hurt. She had feelings, and those were things that Read could understand. This is where his protective spirit shined, but his bad habits driven by the demon inside him couldn't so easily be seized. He stole things for her, and scared away others he thought would take away too much of her attention. These are things he'd never admit to, but he hated the thought of losing the friendship they had. He didn't want her being like Michael.

"Was it the best or worst decision?"
Read stole his older brothers car. Yes, this kind of theft was a bit worse than stealing pencils, and little things from school, but...It was a REALLY nice car. In the end he found it completely justified after the fight they'd had the night before, and the week of Christmas no doubt! "Read you're a useless asshole, and you're never going to go anywhere blahblah BLAH." Well, that guy could go FUCK himself because Read stole his car, and trashed it before he ditched the thing just so the jerk that was supposed to be his brother couldn't have it back in one piece. Asshole. Now...what was he to do next?

"What could be better?"
After stealing his brother's car, decisions after that were...difficult. He couldn't go back home, obviously, and by law he was an adult so it's not like his parents wouldn't have kicked him out anyway, but roaming the streets was a scary business. A thief he might be, but he didn't think he was a thug or some sort of gang member. That said, he didn't even have any friends to back him up, or take him in anyway, so what was he do to? Not knowing what ELSE to do, he walked. Read walked to a convenience store, stole some snacks and walked some more, until suddenly out of no where the most incredible thing happened- He found what he was looking for, and hadn't even realized he'd been looking for it. The City.

Demon Information

He hasn't ever spoken to his demon, but they've made an appearance a few times in his life. Every time Read wished the thing hadn't, because, while he knows it's thanks to his own imagination, he's inspired the demon to look gruesome when he shows up. No eyes, sharp teeth, and long thin limbs. He prefers to not see it, honestly.