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Cravein Redbloom

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Eden OOC Information

Meet Cravein Redbloom - one of the most cold-hearted, poetic and radical demons you will ever run across. He has no moral code, no sense of ethics, and cares for no one. Not even for himself. Have fun! All graphics/codes are mine so please don't steal! Thanks!

Character Information

Character Type
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Solo Demon
Cillian Murphy
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Luxuria Captain

Character Summary

What does it mean to be "alive" as they would call it?

Breathing? Eating? Sleeping? Being?

Death is the only thing absolute in the world. The only complete circle. When one lives, one must also die. The cycle must be completed.

Yet, because there is death, life is also cherished. All of the pleasure. All of the pain. All of the happiness. All of the sadness. All of the laughter. All of the tears. Life is exquisite. Life is a blessing. There is only one opportunity to truly live one's life.

So why not experience all facets of it? Embrace all of the beautiful things that life has to offer...before finally embracing death.

For life is but a simple grain of sand. One of many in an ocean that expanses an entire desert. Why limit yourself to one drop of sand? Become the ocean. Become the desert.

See all the possibilities this life has to offer. Be all of these possibilities.

Come and rule the world. Discover your purpose. Discover mine.

Will you take a chance? Will you come and kiss the devil?


"Those that I cannot charm, I can kill with my own hands."













Character In-Depth



Everything in between.

What is the meaning behind it all? The true meaning? What did it really mean to be "alive" in the sense that it actually meant something to an individual? What about living made it worthwhile? What was it about dying that forced humans to chase themselves into desperate situations to maintain their clutch on that line known as life?

These were all questions that Cravein Redbloom asked himself as a young demon.

In those days, he had another calling. Ronove. That was his name. That was the moniker in which he had embraced for years.

He was "blessed" with having a sister. Her name was "Lilim" and often, she found herself tethered to his being. Following his footsteps - chasing his shadow. They used to dance together - bathed in moonlight and stars as their eyes glowed with their power and affection for each other.

He loved Lilim. He would have plucked the very moon out of the sky and hung it around her neck like a delicate pearl necklace.

But time was an interesting thing. Time often pulled people apart. It was no different for Lilim and Ronove. Time alotted them the means to learn and grow and understand the happenings of the world. They formulated their own ideals. They discovered their own purposes for walking this seemingly endless cycle called "life".

He enjoyed manipulating humans. He took human hosts and tested the boundaries of their own claims to moral codes and sense of ethics. Was their righteousness deserved? Or were they simply fooling themselves into believing their own delusions of grandeur?

And it was in this time that Ronove betrayed his sister. Or, rather, what she'd deemed as betrayal. He had ripped a life from her. A life that was supposed to have meaning. But it did not. There was no meaning to it. The purpose was not met. The cycle had not been completed. It was incomplete - defective and, as a result, making his sister defective.

It needed to be erased.

He knew that his sister could not see things from his perspective. She would never understand. Because she did not know anything. He had given up trying to convince her of the truth. That what made life beautiful was the pain, the pleasure, the laughter, the tears... It all made life worthwhile to enjoy before embracing the darkness.

What was life without death? What was death without life? What was their purpose?

Ronove was determined to find the answer. He still is. Master of his own fate, he would know the truth. Then, and only then, would he be able to fall into oblivion. Nirvana. Sweet Nirvana. He would wait until then.

Simply waiting.

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