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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Alejandro Corzo
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
It, He, Him, Lord, Master, My Liege, Your Highness
Professions are for human things

Character Summary

+ Prone to aggressive tantrums when his space is invaded

+ When feeling unsafe or comfortable, he will crush himself into the smallest space possible and refuse to move (so basically almost always)

+ Driven by food, sex, and safety

+ Cold blooded; prefers cooler temperatures over warmer ones as he overheats quickly

+ Cannot comprehend 'right' and 'wrong'

+ Survivalist to the extreme; always looks out for himself above all others

+ Professionally trained in blind fighting and other sightless martial arts techniques

+ Completely blind in both eyes; this is not a choice and was done during millennia of brutal experimentation and torture

+ Uses his Conjure dominion in order to 'see' and relies heavily on it during day to day and night to night life

+ Feeds on anything with skin, flesh, and/or bones, which essentially means anything and anyone alive. Keep your children away, as he does not discriminate

+ Territorial and aggressive, moreso when he is in the mall he took over in Behemoth; those who set forth inside are automatically seen as a meal

Dominion 1


Mastery: Lesser

The ability to see into the immediate future or past events of ones own self or another's by touch.

Power Based: The easier it is to see a longer span of time for one's future. Particularly good for sensing danger.

Control Based: The easier it is to see a longer span of time for another's future or peer into their recent history. Requires physical touch.

Dominion 2


Mastery: Lesser

Generation and control of steam. Can be used to manipulate the power source of steam powered technology.

Power Based: Bigger billows of steam.

Control Based: Better manipulation of and ability to withstand steam, particularly its temperature.

Dominion 3


Mastery: Major

The ability to manipulate objects and others at will with the mind.

Power Based: The more inanimate objects you can move at once.

Control Based: The more living creatures you can move at once.

Dominion 4


Mastery: Legendary

The ability to conjure and control spirits. Spirits are weaker than demons; they cannot think on their own, cannot interact with the physical world at lesser mastery levels, and are unable to stay in the physical realm for long periods of time.

Power Based: The more spirits you can conjure and control at once, but the less control you have over them.

Control Based: The more control you have over spirits (such as telling them what to do or how long they can ‘survive’ in the physical realm), but the less of them you can conjure at once. As your mastery grows, the length of time they can stay will increase.

Dominion 5


Mastery: Lesser

The ability to fly, and make other people or objects fly.

Power Based: The greater heights and speeds you can fly at without the adverse effects.

Control Based: The longer amount of time you can fly without fatigue, and more people or objects you can bring with you.

Dominion 6

Acid Mastery: Lesser

The ability to create, manipulate, strengthen, dilute and harbor immunity to all acids.

Power Based: The more caustic and lethal the acids generated can be.

Control Based: The larger quantity of acid that can be generated or manipulated.

Character In-Depth

Born in a research facility, Rainer was not privy to the usual niceties of demon life at birth. He was not abandoned and he was not treated like some precious babe in need of assistance. Instead, he was placed into an incubator, all alone, until he reached maturity. And once he did, he was taken into a laboratory setting where he became the subject of thousands upon thousands of experiments.

When he showed potential with the conjuring of spirits, they brought him close to death again and again, wanting to know how he communicated with spirits and whether being closer to 'their plane' of existence made it easier for him to do so. Pain became part of Rainer's daily regime, though he did not suffer; suffering was a human thing and something that he was unable to comprehend on any level. He did not feel sorry for himself, nor did he feel sorry for those who tormented him to such extremes that the reality of death was a constant in his world.

He became aware of his sibling when they were both moved to a placed called The City, though of course he cared not for names or things. They were placed together for the first time after thousands of years of being apart. Rainer immediately saw Altair as food and attempted to devour him. Altair overwhelmed him, always a step ahead or more ahead. They were eventually separated before Rainer was destroyed and placed into rooms with glass walls. One next to the other.

It took five years of careful introductions and supervision before Rainer stopped seeing his brother as a meal. He was dangerous and unpredictable, and he struck at anyone and anything that came close enough to grab. But experiments and harsh, consistent conditioning proved that he could be managed, as long as it was done so with extreme caution.

The two brothers, once they recognized one another as allies more than enemies, became inseparable when time in the lab did not take up their time. Rainer did not, and never has, care about Altair's motives and saw his brother as a constant in his life, more of a safe place than an actual being. He saw a select few others in much the same way, for they either brought him food, sex, or both.

When Altair broke out of the facility, Rainer was quick to follow him instead of hinder him. He devoured many of the bodies that were left in their wake and, when faced with the real world, immediately disliked it and fled to the closest 'safe place'. This happened to be in the form of a massive mall in Behemoth. Over the next several weeks, he ate well, soon sending store owners packing, for their feared for their lives. He was temperamental and aggressive, territorial and quick to strike, claiming the entire mall as H I S.

Demon Information