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Julian Rael

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Jared Padalecki
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
He, Him, His
Legion Medic/Heavy trauma/critical cases therapist

Character Summary

Meditation ~ Lord of the North ~ Prince of Compassion ~ Warmth ~ Quiet Whispers ~ A Time for Healing ~ The Gentle Master ~ The White Stag

Dominion 1

Atom Smasher

Mastery: Legendary

Atom Smasher: The ability to create, manipulate, manage, split and chemically change molecules on an atomic level.

Power: The easier it is to harness energy from atoms and convert it into blasts or beams.

Control: The easier it is to convert, chemical react and accumulate atomic configurations into elements, materials or whole structures.

Dominion 2


Mastery: Major

Teleportation: The ability to completely transport oneself along with other people or objects to any recently-explored or familiar areas.

Power: The more people or objects that can be transported with the user.

Control: The less familiar the user needs to be with the destination in order to teleport successfully there.

Dominion 3


Mastery: Major

Psychic: A psychic is a wide-encompassing dominion that can foster great power over time. Psychics dabble in fortune telling and manipulation. Psychics can also put strong mental blocks in people’s minds, making them forget certain memories or even keep secrets locked in destructive magic, so that should they die, someone could not extract that information from their head (they, of course, can also reverse these effects and even break locks put on by weaker psychics or magic). Psychics have a deep resonation with the Astral Plane as well, and if they focus hard enough, they can detect all other spirits in their vicinity, even if they are not in physical form. Psychics are known for being able to talk to the dead as well, but that is neither here nor there as far as a confirmation in reality goes. To top it all off, psychics are able to place horrible curses of luck, or blessings of fortune on willing targets (meaning, someone who agrees to subject themselves to a fortune telling).

Power Based: You focus on fortune telling and manipulation. A lesser mastery psychic cannot alter others’ luck at all, but can alter their own slightly (small things, i.e. someone gives them the wrong amount of change back at a register-- bad: too little change-- good: too much change). However, legendary psychics can alter fate in ways unimaginable (big things, i.e. someone doesn’t die when they’re supposed to-- bad: they get hit by a car and pass away years before their life expectancy-- good: they live twenty years longer due to the cancer they were going to have never coming). **These alterations can stretch the imagination, but must remain in the realm of possibility. Think of this alteration as a multiplier. Even if you multiply the chances of something with a 0% chance of happening by 10000, there will still be a 0% chance of it happening (ex. 0 x 10000 = 0). It is also important to remember that fortune telling is not the same as scrying, but moreso a foggy reading on situations with the highest probability. Lesser mastery of fortune telling is basically guessing, but as a psychic masters more of their craft, fortune telling can be clear in predicting an actual path for a person and better understanding their emotions.

Control Based: You focus on mind barriers, from putting locks on super hush hush secrets, to unlocking someone’s full potential or lifting a curse. A very controlled psychic can erase pages of pages of memory from someone’s mental book, and can even explore the deepest mechanisms of the human brain. Control based psychics are typically good at reading a person’s behaviors and ticks, although not to be confused with an Empath, they are very detective-like at higher levels of mastery. Control based psychics are usually the ones that can easily sense spirits and even talk with them at higher levels of mastery.

Dominion 4


Mastery: Proficient

Biomancy: The ability to manipulate living tissue; dependent on one’s intent, this skill can be used to harm or heal on a near molecular level.

Power Based: You can obstruct the healing process, natural or otherwise, as well as even send a healing process into reverse, deteriorating your victim slowly. Time and amount of contact you need to begin this process is based on your mastery level.

Control Based: You can speed up the healing process to close up minor wounds to mortal injuries (dependent on your mastery level). It is easier to locate vital organs that may be damaged. Time and amount of contact you need to begin this process is also based on your mastery level.

Dominion 5


Mastery: Lesser

Summoning: The ability to summon currently-existing people, animals, or things with the use of a symbol or ritual.

Power: The ability to summon more people or animals at a given time. An article belonging to the person must be a part of the ritual to summon them.

Control: The ability to summon larger inanimate objects at a given time.

Dominion 6


Mastery: Minor

Telekinesis: The ability to manipulate objects and others at will with the mind.

Power Based: The more inanimate objects you can move at once.

Control Based: The more living creatures you can move at once.

Character In-Depth

Julian Rael's beginning was warm, gentle. Soft. Heat and compassion were the first things that he ever knew as he came to be in the form of a tiny, glowing ball of light. His parents were, at first, gentle. Reassuring, encouraging. They showed him the world in the realm of demons. Showed him the way of their world and told him what his place would be in it:

Royalty. A Prince, the eldest of five. And as such, the Kingdom would one day be his own.

But Julian, even as young as he was, knew that he didn't want to rule. He wanted to aid those in need with whatever gifts he could obtain, and he wanted to make sure that the people within his father's kingdom were well looked after and honored for their services.

He was loved by the people, adored by elders and adults and children alike. There was no thing that he wouldn't do for any of them, and no amount of effort was too much to spare. Because of his intense compassion and thought for others, Julian was considered an anomaly among the family. His family assumed he would grow out of such things and become a great warlord, but as the years swept by, his desire to lead grew less and less. And so did his desire to inflict harm on others.

In their world, in a time of war and intense change, it was a right of passage to slay an enemy of equal standing. And so when the time came, when Julian reached the age of six thousand, he was ordered by his father, the King, to do battle with the enemy's Prince. It was to be a battle to the death, and the winner would return victorious to their kingdom. Mature, in their culture, and above all others save his King and his Queen.

Julian refused to perform the task. He could not abide by harming another, not even with due cause, and stated that the killing of others in the name of tradition was unjust and wrong; he would not stand for it. He pushed for peace even in the face of anger and rage, and while some swung to his side, his father destroyed him. Right then and there in a rain of blood and gore; he would not tolerate a son who was too weak to protect his kingdom.

Two thousand years later, Julian returned from Oblivion. He arrived in a place called The City, and he remembered nothing of what had been before. He was very alone and very lost, but his soul was still soft, still warm, still gentle. It pulled at him, tugged, each time he saw suffering, and he consistently put others well above himself in the hopes that their suffering would end.

In his wanderings, Julian discovered a number of Factions within the City. He also came across someone who was so very familiar, like a piece of himself. Ulfric, he called himself. Together, they offered aid to the City's underdogs. Ulfric gave protection while Julian healed wounds both mental and physical. When Ulfric died under horrific circumstances, the elder demon wept for days. Weeks. It was then, upon losing that part of himself, that he knew they had been - once - siblings.

The pain, the loss, was so great that Julian knew that he had to regain his focus. He had to find purpose again, do what he and Ulfric had always done. And so he approached Legion. He offered them his skill set, and in return he wanted free reign so that he could help as many in need as he could. Legion would be his protection, his wall... and he himself would be the healer.

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