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Axel Rune

"I'm gonna shoot you in the face and then fuck the brain hole!"
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Ryan Reynolds
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
He, Him, His
It, Sir, Lord
Narcisa's Bodyguard and Professional Thief

Character Summary

Dominion 1


Mastery: Proficient

Earth: The creation and manipulation of rocks, dirt, mud, earth.

Power Based: The easier it is for you to call earth.

Control Based: The easier it is for you to shape earth.

Dominion 2


Mastery: Minor

Metal: The ability to manipulate metal and metallic objects.

Power Based: The heavier/larger amount of metal you can manipulate at once.

Control Based: The more intricately you can manipulate metal. Higher levels of mastery in the Metal dominion can allow control based characters to turn a lock in a building down the block (this is an extreme example, but nevertheless possible)

Dominion 3


Mastery: Minor

Fire: The manipulation and creation of fire/flames, ability to pass through fire unharmed.

Power Based: The more fire you can create.

Control Based: The more fire you can withstand

Dominion 4


Mastery: Legendary

Ice: The creation and manipulation of ice.

Power Based: The more ice you can create.

Control Based: The more ice you can withstand and manipulate.

Dominion 5


Mastery: Major

Shadow: The creation/manipulation of shadows, the ability to fade into the shadows or use shadows to hide things.

Power Based: The larger amount of shadows you can create at once.

Control Based: The more shadows you can manipulate at once.

Dominion 6


Mastery: Minor

Water: The creation and manipulation of water, ability to purify water, ability to breathe underwater, ability to pass through water unharmed.

Power Based: The more water you can manipulate.

Control Based: The more pressure and lack of oxygen from water you can withstand.

Character In-Depth

+ Born in the City, but given up into foster care due to a custody battle

+ Axel's mother never tried to locate him and his father committed suicide

+ When Axel turned 18 years of age, he was released into the world, and he fled the City, finding refuge in Siberia

+ He joined a conservation militia group and protected Siberian tigers by any means necessary until he was 23

+ On his 24th birthday, his mother finally took an interest in him and Summoned him back to the City to try and share a life with him

+ Axel responded poorly to his mother's attempt to be a part of his life, and they fought violently until she fled; he has not heard from her since

+ Without any money to get out of the City, Axel began to sell his body as an exotic dancer, also making it a point to steal from customers; extra cash and goods are always a necessary highlight of his day

+ While he is capable of doing far more with his life than showing off his body, he has always preferred not to needlessly kill others; besides, the cash is phenomenal, so why wouldn't he take advantage of it?

+ He began to bond with a woman by the name of Narcisa; she is, to date, the only person he doesn't steal from

+ Snarky and defensive, Axel has severe abandonment issues and drowns them in alcoholism and sex

Demon Information

+ Has close ties with the demon Saracen and promised to watch over all of Ulfric's mortal human's kin for eternity

+ It goes by the name of Zamerzat and has since its birth some 65,000 years ago

+ Zamerzat is considered by some to be an avatar, the embodiment of all elements and has been worshipped as such throughout the world for millennia

+ It feeds on humans whose temperatures have dropped beyond the point of safety, making it a malevolent demon despite its much kinder human