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Fynn Everette

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Charles Michael Davis
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age

Character Summary

Black Hair

Brown Eyes

Muscles for days

6 ft 5



Dominion 1

Superior Strength

Mastery: Proficient

Superior Strength: Increased strength. This dominion encompasses the temporary or full-time manipulation of muscles, though this may not have outward physical effects.

Power Based: You can lift or crush anything (at a high enough mastery), jump higher, but it only lasts for a temporary amount of time.

Control Based: You can remain strong for longer, at higher masteries indefinitely, but not do the same amazing short-term blasts of a power-based user of this dominion.

Dominion 2


Mastery: Minor

Mimicry: The ability to perfectly mimic watched actions or even dominions. Only higher levels of mimicry can bring true 100% mimicry and even enhancement of mimicked dominions. **Characters can mimic things they watch online/on television, if said things are in the realm of possibility (i.e. they can’t grow wings because they watched Lady Pegasus do it in Adventureland).

Power Based: The more watched actions you can mimic at once. If you watch someone successfully jump from one building to another, and then triple backflip to the ground to land without getting hurt, it’d be easier for you to perfectly mimic all these actions in a mere second. On higher levels of mastery, you could also be dodging bullets matrix style while doing all the above (given you’ve seen “The Matrix” of course).

Control Based: The easier it is to recall actions watched in the past. Actions you watched months ago can be recalled in a second on higher levels of mastery. Control based mimicry usually learns how to mimic other dominions easier/quicker as well, but is lacking in the amount of time able to sustain the copied dominion (in most cases of lower mastery being a couple minutes at once)

Dominion 3


Mastery: Minor

Reflections: The ability to manipulate reflections and see deeper truths in reflections.

Power Based: The easier it is to manipulate reflections and cause others to see reflections rather than true representations of life.

Control Based: The more information you can can draw from reflections

Dominion 4


Mastery: Proficient

Precognition: The ability to see into the immediate future or past events of ones own self or another's by touch.

Power: The easier it is to see a longer span of time for one's future. Particularly good for sensing danger.

Control: The easier it is to see a longer span of time for another's future or peer into their recent history. Requires physical touch

Dominion 5


Mastery: Lesser

Deposition: The ability to move, conjure and transform gas or vapor into a solid.

Power: Control over larger quantities of vapor or gas.

Control: Control over vapor or gas over much farther distances.

Dominion 6


Mastery: Lesser

Conjure: The ability to conjure and control spirits. Spirits are weaker than demons; they cannot think on their own, cannot interact with the physical world at lesser mastery levels, and are unable to stay in the physical realm for long periods of time.

Power Based: The more spirits you can conjure and control at once, but the less control you have over them.

Control Based: The more control you have over spirits (such as telling them what to do or how long they can ‘survive’ in the physical realm), but the less of them you can conjure at once. As your mastery grows, the length of time they can stay will increase.

Character In-Depth


Fynn can be overly energetic at times. He has an sassy and fast whit about him that often catches others off guard. He can be seen as a class clown and seems to behaves the way he does for his own entertainment. He's one of those people who make random noises when bored or simply because it's too quiet.

However Fynn can have a huge sulky side. He will brood for days if he wants. He is easily angered sometimes and often gets into fights he can't win. He is overconfident in a cocky way. He loves his drink and smoking, and can seem a bit of a lazy type of guy. However that's not completely true. He just likes to lay low and in fact had huge insecurities about being a failure. Don't try don't fail. That's his view. He also has a problem with authority figures, and often mouths off to them.

Demon Information

If Fynn is the Class Clown then his demon, Alacia, is the stick in the mud. She is honestly abit of a prude and constantly irritated with Fynn and how he acts. She can be overly serious and stern when Fynn is a laid back smart ass with a whit sharper than a blade. Of course their connection is much deeper than that. She knows that Fynn will often savitarge himself and make bad choices on purpose, and that angers her. She would rather him make the right choices. Make the choices she wants him to. They have a sour, yet friendly, banter about them.

Alacia is very vocal and present in Fynn’s life. She will very often be seen visible with him, walking with him. She wants to guide Fynn into the better person she knows he can be. She want to nurture him. Why? Well, because that's just what she always done with every human she had.

She doesn't wear anything as human as clothes but her skin was so... pale and without imperfections, folds or crevasses. If anything it looked like she wore a jumpsuit which you could not see the seems. People didn't seem too disturbed by it because there wasn't well anything to see! She was like a tall Morph figurine made from white Plasticine with only slight curves to her hips. Her hair is white and hangs down past her hips. The only parts of colour in her are her fingertips, elbows and knees and parts of her face like cheeks and lips. Her eyes are white, only a slight grayness to show where her irises would be and a pinprick of black for her pupils.