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Gabriel Djivan

"I'm a big fucker, and I'm tough to kill."
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Character Information

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Solo Demon
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Demon Age

Character Summary

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Dominion 1

Superior Endurance

Mastery: Minor

Superior Endurance: Accelerated endurance. This dominion means you can endure greater pressure, deeper pain, greater strain both physical and emotional, and more dangerous situations than you normally would be able to. Can also run farther and do more laborious things without getting tired.

Power Based: Greater physical strain.

Control Based: Greater mental or emotional strain.

Dominion 2


Mastery: Greater

Biomancy: The ability to manipulate living tissue; dependent on one’s intent, this skill can be used to harm or heal on a near molecular level.

Power Based: You can obstruct the healing process, natural or otherwise, as well as even send a healing process into reverse, deteriorating your victim slowly. Time and amount of contact you need to begin this process is based on your mastery level.

Control Based: You can speed up the healing process to close up minor wounds to mortal injuries (dependent on your mastery level). It is easier to locate vital organs that may be damaged. Time and amount of contact you need to begin this process is also based on your mastery level.

Dominion 3


Mastery: Major

Blood: The ability to slow, speed, reverse, or stop the flow of blood in, to, or from a living body.

Power Based: The more blood you can manipulate at once.

Control Based: The larger amount of ways you can manipulate that blood at once.

Dominion 4

Bone Manipulation

Mastery: Greater

Bone Manipulation: The ability to move, bend, break, or even reshape bones in or outside a living or dead body.

Power: The more bones that can be affected at a given time.

Control: The larger transformations that can be made to bone placement and configuration, specifically strengthening the ability to reshape bones.

Dominion 5


Mastery: Proficient

Shadow: The creation/manipulation of shadows, the ability to fade into the shadows or use shadows to hide things.

Power Based: The larger amount of shadows you can create at once.

Control Based: The more shadows you can manipulate at once.

Dominion 6

Superior Strength

Mastery: Minor

Superior Strength: Increased strength. This dominion encompasses the temporary or full-time manipulation of muscles, though this may not have outward physical effects.

Power Based: You can lift or crush anything (at a high enough mastery), jump higher, but it only lasts for a temporary amount of time.

Control Based: You can remain strong for longer, at higher masteries indefinitely, but not do the same amazing short-term blasts of a power-based user of this dominion.

Character In-Depth

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Demon Information

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