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Triela Andrade

I can't change who I am
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Eden OOC Information

Born and bred to be a soldier, self-sacrificing and dedicated to her job, Triela believes every life has value (except for her own). All graphics/codes are mine so please don't steal! Thanks!

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Jennifer Lawrence
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Undercover Detective | Behemoth

Character Summary

"No one gets left behind."

Nothing is ever halfway. It is either all or nothing. A simplistic and reckless choice to balance my inner feelings on, but I feel that this course of action has not failed me thus far. My hope is that it is equally successful in the future.

I will not have my feelings twisted for someone else's schemes. My stoicism is my mask. Not allowing my emotions to be worn on my sleeve, I am seemingly cold as the ice I wield on the surface.

Despite this, it is when I am alone that I allow it all to spill forth. Anger. Sorrow. Joy. Passion. These are all feelings I hold close to my heart. I share them with none.

Why should I? Would they understand me better?

I am a soldier. Soldiers follow orders. But I will never follow an order that goes against my principles or puts others I care for in danger. I simply cannot do it. I will not do it. Put me down if you must, but at least my death will not be in vain.

I am one of many.

I am Legion.














Character In-Depth

When Triela came into the world, the world she knows now, she had no memories. None.

She had forgotten everything.

Anything that had been considered precious in her life prior to awakening as "Triela" was nonexistent.




It was gone. All of it.

Even her name, "Triela," had been taken from a random slew of words she'd heard some people saying while attempting to warm themselves by a fire in the harsh chill of Winter.

Getting a full day's rest, Triela found herself stumbling into The City. While she had "lost herself", she was urged to join The City's military branch. The money would be better than slumming on the streets and she could afford to maybe hire a few agents to help her figure out what happened in her past.

Despite her distaste of wanting to join the military for matters such as money, Triela could not refuse the offer. She needed security and a safe haven. In the world of demons, it was kill or be killed and there was a part of her that strove desperately to live. She contacted the Military Head Office in Monai the next day to set up an appointment for her to register and once her registration had been accepted, Triela was required to move into the barracks in The Capital.

Flying through her basic training and finishing up various mini-missions, Triela was placed in Grootslang. Several years later, she was called back to the Capital to subject herself to various "experiments" the Capital's scientists were engaging in, their hope of finding a possible cure for the Black Death that was killing a good number of the humans in the Human Realm - to the point that the plague was even spreading into The City by those who were crossing over without realizing they had been infected.

Needless to say, the results of these experiments on Triela only further enhanced her deeper, demonic nature - awakening flickers of memories she had believed lost to her forever.

With her aggressive nature enhanced thanks to the scientists' attempts at trying to obtain a cure, Triela lasted only so long as a normal soldier before she was called back to the capital to fulfill a few more missions as an assessment to her progress as a soldier before she was placed under the care of a ranking superior. In time, she was requested and enlisted to join Legion where her expertise in the field was needed. Specifically in Behemoth.

A few more centuries passed and the missions became either more boring or more dangerous, but eventually Triela was able to gain her own stance in Behemoth's precinct. She wasn't suited for office life and, as a result, opted to maintain her life in the field as an Undercover Detective.

However, something was definitely missing in her life. But for the life of her, Triela could not figure out what that something could have been. She was determined to find out who she used to be - what sort of lives she'd touched before then. Something to help her transition from one field assignment to the next.

After all, living and working from mission to mission only did so much for a fierce spirit such as herself.

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