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Matthew Grey

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Character Information

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Human with Civil Demon
Carl McCoy
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Demon Hunter

Character Summary

Matthew tends to be quiet and reserved, mostly in an attempt to keep his demon quiet. His face is set into a near permanent frown, and unless actively on the job he's not found far from a bottle of something strong. He prefers his own company for the most part, anything else tends to start reminding him of fallen friends or people that he had the opportunity to save and didn't. Despite his obvious depression when he decides to pursue something or someone he does so with tenacity and drive.
The Chariot Tier 1. Ascension to "THE HOPLITE"
Superior senses: Minor | Power

Combustion: Proficient | Power

Superior Endurance: Minor | Power

Superior Strength: Legendary | Power

Superior Speed: Major | Power

Regeneration: Minor |Power

Character In-Depth

Matthew grew up as normal as any kid with a demon rattling around inside of his brain. Lived in a single parent home with a mother who had to work to much to pay the bills, but was otherwise loving and caring. He went to school and did well until his teenage years hit. Up to that point, he thought he had been lucky enough to have a primal attachment, and even better he had yet to notice anything at all from the demon he knew he had. Sure it meant he didn't have anyone to talk to when he was alone, and while his friends seemed to be turning into superheros he wasn't. The thought didn't both him though, what did worry him was the thought of some other being influencing him.

It was during an instance of being bullied that Wrath introduced himself. It had been a little overly physical this time. Busted nose, black eye, possibly a few cracked ribs. Matthew started to pick himself up slowly from the ground as three other boys laughed. They called him empty and weak. 'I'll kill you' Matthew didn't even say the words, the thought just came to mind. That was all it took to wake up the gravelly voiced demon. The deep voice rang through his mind 'I can help with that'. He had stood up, his face slowly returning to normal. His breathing was normal, the pain seemed to have disappeared from his ribs. The first punch was all he remember throwing, but he was told two of his three classmates had ended up in the hospital, the third had recounted a tale of horror involving feats of superhuman strength and speed. That was the start of a school record full of fist fights.

Matthew was in High-school when he had his first encounter with a solo demon. This was also when he discovered that his demon was useful for more than just goading him into trouble. A primal demon taking the form of an exceptionally large wolf had made it's way into the school and commenced it's murderous rampage. It didn't realize it's mistake until it ripped the door off of Matthew's classroom. He had managed to hold Wrath in check up to that point, but the anger was to much for him to contain when he came face to face with the beast. Before it managed to get more than it's head in the door an enraged Matthew was upon him. He whipped a desk across the room into it's face, one handed. The wood disintegrated, the welds broke, and part of the metal lodged itself into the demon. The fight continued from there, causing even more damage to the school, the demon and Matthew.

Matthew still isn't certain of how the fight ended. He knew that there were things on fire, there was a lot of destruction, and the solo-demon was gone. He was covered in blood, but he couldn't find a source of the blood by the time the rage faded. He could feel broken ribs begin the pain staking process of shifting back into their proper place. He was having problems wrapping his mind around how he was able to do some of the things he had done, the demon didn't answer with words, instead he could just feel it smirking as it went quiet.

It wasn't long after the disastrous events at the school that Matthew was approached by an older man. He wore a nice suit, a gently worn hat, and there was a white patch at his throat. There were other less pleasant looking men with him. They lacked the priestly look, and were making no attempt to hide the fact that they were armed. This man had came to recruit him, telling him the benefits of joining with his organization and how he would be helping the world. When Matthew asked what happened if he didn't want to join, the old man just smiled and the men with him made no so subtle movements for their weapons.

Matthew started his training to become one of the Seven Deadly Sins. He was taking up the position of Wrath, as that was the Demon that had taken up residence in his body. He was trained in using weapons of various sorts and trained on how to better utilize his demon's powers.

Demon Information

Wrath is an old Demon, the very embodiment of the sin. He is a non-corporeal demon living inside of Matthew who favors feeding off of anger and all of the juicy thoughts that go along with it. Wrath mostly speaks to Matthew to push him toward violence, though he is capable of simply directly influencing his emotions as well. Wrath will also do what he can to keep his host alive (it takes to long to train a new human to be able to reap a good harvest from them).