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Ivy Nox

Green With Envy
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
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Human Age
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Demon Age
Bartender / Model

Character Summary

Ivy is definitely not the girl you spill your secrets too. Well, you could, but she'll probably use it to get the advantage later on. After all, what is information if not only a means to get what you want? It's not like she doesn't try to be close to people, it just, it's as impulsive as breathing. There is nothing she can do to control her and there is nothing she can do to cause the ache and want and need from consuming her. She'll try to joke off or around, who wouldn't like a dry sense of humor in their bartender? Anything to stop herself from getting too close, because in all honesty? They all leave sooner or later.


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Character In-Depth

She wanted it. She wanted that. She wanted everything. She remembered when it first started, well when it became unbearable. At first, it was just that she refused to share what was hers. Refused to hand back the soother, or refused to give back her neighbors toy. But when she grew up, when she started to mature, that is when she became overwhelming. When she first saw that boy Tommy, grinning with nonchalance and a charming quality that none other possessed. But he wasn't looking at her he was looking at someone else. That was when it started, the manipulation to turn that stare, that grin, into something she was the owner of. Something she could have. And she had him, for all of five seconds before she grew bored with him and saw something else she wanted.

It became a real issue. It was why she was simply a bartender with an adrenaline rush. It was why she barely had any friends, and it was why she just did not care. If she wanted something, after all, she got it, didn't she? It seemed that need, the necessity to turn whatever she wanted into her possession - Well that wasn't the best quality to have for friendships. Girlsfriends? Fuck, she'd be glad if they stuck around for a round of drinks. Boyfriends? A good fuck, but how quickly she got bored, didn't she? God forbid she actually fall in love, what would that even look like to someone who wished to possess everything and nothing at the same time?

Demon Information

The Sin: Envy

The very embodiment of the sin. She is a twisted, jealous, and yes, envious creature that feeds on the need to obtain. Obtain everything her little heart desires. She's a whispered voice. A swirling tattoo running along the inner thigh of her host. Those that behold her, always, always, have green eyes. The saying Green With Envy came from somewhere, after all.