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Alexandre Ríos

If you could only see the beast you've made me
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Dayn OOC Information

Alex is LONELY and also dangerous 'cause Eukratian is EVIL and such a tool. Come give him a huuuuuug (anyone).

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Thomas Bussieres
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
He, His, Him

Character Summary

Alex is the only member of Contravia and quickly becoming a superstar. This growing fame has clearly gone to his head and he lives in decadent opulence and excess--typical rockstar. But the gossip magazines love it when he visits sick kids in hospitals, or grants his fan's birthday wishes by showing up with a huge party out of the blue. He carefully cultivates this fame and adulation on behalf of his demon, Eukratian. The ancient "fame whore" will otherwise sink its spectral teeth into the base of Alex's spine and cause a world of agony. He likes to keep the beast well-fed. Because of this, everything else in Alex's life suffers... especially personal relationships. Those people the demon doesn't like suffer, and those the demon takes a liking to are expected to worship it through Alex. His bandmates the demon barely tolerates, they come and go.
None yet.
EARTH: Legendary, Power
INVISIBILITY: Greater, Control
TECHNOPATHY: Superior, Power
ANIMATION: Superior, Control
Superior Senses: Minor
Steam: Minor

Character In-Depth

Alexandre was unfortunate to be born with a rather awake and insistent demon. When he was a toddler, he would scream for hours on end for seemingly random reasons. Eventually, Eukratian revealed itself as the cause of all these problems. The child just wasn't getting enough love, it calmly explained to the parents. It needed all the love in the world. (This was also the last time the demon manifested to anyone but Alex.)

Eukratian wasn't kidding, and proceeded to make Alex's childhood a living hell. There was never enough love, even if the child was lovely and drew the attention of everyone around him. And on those sweet moments when there was enough to satisfy his demon, Alex sank into the sweet relief of being allowed to simply exist. Without pain, without fear, without the constant itch to be loved.

He grew up with this mindset, warped by both adulation and the twisted need for it, aware the whole thing was the orchestration of some parasitical spirit. But then his musical talent was discovered, not so much as a reward for having endured the difficult years, but as a means to an end. Fame. A heck of a lot more fame. And as his music began to attract just such attention, he began to enjoy it, too. Good music was his Novocaine.

By the time Alex was nineteen, he finally "broke out" in the international stage--the City was the hardest to crack, after that, they all fell like dominoes. His style was indie, experimental, melancholy, but also desperate and chaotic. It still isn't uncommon for him to go days without sleep in a creative whirlwind, writing and composing dozens of songs. He's learned to be discerning. A bad set could leave him crippled if not enough adoration and cheering happens immediately. Eukratian has become an addict of this and ruthless about getting its fix.

Literally driven by his personal demon, Alex is a public image shell built around a mountain of desperation and weariness. If there was a way to separate himself from Eukratian safely, he would have done it ages ago... And sometimes, when he's writhing in pain, he doesn't even care if it's safe at all.

Demon Information

Eukratian isn't the most forthcoming of civil demons. It demands one thing only and has the discipline of an addict. It is supposedly ancient and fed on humans for thousands of years, yet it shuns all human conventions. It is viscerally opposed to anyone that might threaten its greater and greater claims through Alex. And yet, it doesn't come forward to receive the acclaim, but laps it up from the base of Alex's neck (at least that's how it feels to the poor man).

When it manifests for Alex, and only him, it is usually veiled by layers and layers of sparkling midnight cloth or a thundercloud. Guess which one means it's angry. It speaks with a soft voice, usually right at Alex's ear, but when it shouts... It doesn't care what pain it inflicts on its host, almost daring him to end his life.

As a general rule of thumb, Eukratian isn't fond of anyone beyond what praise and adoration they can lavish on it-through-Alexandre. Anyone who stays too long will become victim to "the Malady" in whatever creative form it manifests. Only those purely essential to Alex's continued success are allowed to stay. And then, there are the ones the demon loves. Usually weak-willed and damaged in some form or another, these poor folks Eukratian claims for a different sort of Malady. Through Alex, it demands everything. Complete worship. Until they rebel and are cast out.