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This Plot is a Quest-Line

Usually Updates Mondays

The Background

Update: The Incorruptible Ryan Quinn is no longer Captain of Vetala Precinct, but the Butcher does not seem to have taken that as the end of the game... The Butcher continues to murder dozens all across the City, with no end in sight - but who will be the next target of his infatuation?

...Vetala Precinct has a new Captain of the Legion - the Incorruptible Ryan Quinn - the previous captains having all met a sordid death in one way or another. When the post is finally granted to Quinn, an ominous letter appears on his desk congratulating him on his good fortune.

The letter also states that the author has orchestrated it - for Quinn's benefit... The killer has taken on another role - feeding the Captain the best chase of his career. Men drop like flies as the Butcher paces back and forth across the city leaving a trail of corpses in it's wake.

The Game

Similar to the Zodiac Killer of American history, the Butcher has been sending the Legionnaire letters and taunts in their own precincts and the Herald itself. The cipher is well published in the Herald, accessible to any civilian, even if the crime reports are not. Can you solve it? Can you survive it?

Should you determine where the next murder should be, I urge you to post in the forum and tag The Creature Giles St. Babin, detailing your away his arrival. Should you be right... he will appear. If you are wrong, well... another will die... Clock is ticking.

General Rules

This is a radiant repeatable quest-line. That is to say, everyone may be involved, and no player will have the exact same experience with the Butcher. It's an open sandbox for you to play with; pursue it with all your Hannibal, The Following, SVU, Bones and NCIS contentment.

Rewards will be given for every thread that is related to the Butcher Plotlines. That is to say, if you are actively pursuing, discussing, investigating, helping, challenging or at the mercy of the Butcher, your character is eligible for a reward.

The Quest ends when the Butcher not only has been caught, but incarcerated and the threat neutralized.


Characters wishing to get involved can drop AdAshtra a line in Discord and/or dropping an involved player (below) with their aid or challenges. Just make sure she is aware of your threads so you're not missed for reward rolls!

The Butcher has it's own Discord!

There's now a separate server (made so talk of ciphers and stuff doesn't clog main Discord.)
This works the same as joining DR's regular discord channel, but will appear as a separate server.

You can join here:

Table of Contents

Clickable for Easy Navigation

1. Rules + Rewards

2. FAQ

3. Players + Thread Tracker

4. Extras

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me about this sexy plot

Find Giles St. Babin

Played by AdAshtra
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This post was last modified: 05-07-2017, 04:40 PM by Giles St. Babin Posted | 05-07-2017, 02:52 PM

Rules + Rewards

There are two primary paths that a player may earn rewards through the Butcher Plot: Investigation threads, where player(s) attempt to find (or hide) clues regarding the methods, motives and identity of the Butcher and solving ciphers.

Below you will find a breakdown of some of the paths you may take.

Investigation threads



When a murder takes place, it will be marked as a QUEST, with the tagline TW Butcher Plot Murder.

The first three Legionnaire's on scene investigating have a chance at a mastery increase. They must have at least five posts, investigating the murder. They will receive clues for their efforts to help identify the murderer in character, as well as out of character clues to help solve the ciphers.
- The chances for a mastery increase is 90%
- Character with most posts has a 30% chance to receive a new dominion.

Characters on scene who are not Legionnaires may enter a murder thread for a 75% chance for a mastery increase. They may either: obstruct justice and aid the murderer, or aid the investigation. They may also do nothing. Legionnaires may attempt to prohibit civilian players from investigating just as police would shoo away civilians in real life.
- Civilian characters must have 5 posts to qualify for a mastery increase.

Anticipating A Murder

For characters attempting to solve the ciphers and intercept the Butcher at his next scene will receive either a mastery or dominion reward depending on the circumstances of their investigation.

Every cipher submitted to the Herald (usually on a Monday) details the location of the next murder. If a player is able to solve the cipher they may create a thread in that sub forum tagging Giles St. Babin. One character, per player, per cipher; however multiple players may work together in an attempt to catch the butcher. This is encouraged, as you will need multiple heads to solve the ciphers.

That is to say that Warren Hart (Jackal) and Domri Nixilis (N'ero) may create a thread attempting to intercept Giles St. Babin following the instructions from Cipher 6 in Grootslang.
However, Ryan Quinn (Pooka) and Eddie Ovinnik (Pooka) may not attmpt to intercept the Butcher in Vetala for Cipher 4. Nor can Lilith Cordona (Sweetdreamur) attempt to intercept him in Vetala while Annake (Sweetdreamur) tries to intercept him in Ghost Town following Cipher 12.

Blind guessing will be penalized: for the next round of mastery rolls the offending player will lose their eligibility, regardless of how many posts they make; no character of theirs may be rolled for a mastery increase. Random guessing breaks the game, after-all, and ruins the fun.

To ensure that a Blind Guess is not in effect, please show your work (in whatever format is easiest for you and conveys your process) regarding how you decided that the chosen locale is correct.

Incorrect Guesses: Incorrectly guessing the location of the next murder will result in a quiet night. Players will receive a 10% chance of a mastery increase and an NPC post.

Correct Guesses: Correctly guessing the location of the next murder and thereby catching him in the act is a 100% chance for a new dominion at the level of MINOR. (Because the ciphers are fucking hard.) Player teams are encouraged - teams of up to three may earn a reward this way; please use the same thread and ensure that you post before tagging Giles St. Babin. Once the murderer appears on the scene no more players may gain the dominion reward.
To ensure no one is overlooked, it would be helpful to put a note at the top or the bottom of the post, naming the other characters in the team so I know to wait for people before posting.

A Cipher will be typically be posted on a Monday. Players have approximately a week (7 days) to attempt to solve and intercept the murderer.

Ongoing Investigations

Additional collaboration between players via in character threads unprompted by a cipher or murder will also be rewarded! These threads have a 20% chance of mastery increase and characters require at least ten posts in order to be eligible for the roll.

Do not forget to tag the thread with a [Quest] marker.

This means if Quentin Moreno and Billie Sweeney were in a thread discussing or investigating the Butcher in any way (not just passingly mentioned, but actively pursuing the murderer) the thread immediately becomes part of the larger plot and is eligible for a quest reward.

Each investigation thread will receive in character clues to identify the murderer, and out of character clues to help solve the cipher.

Obstruct Justice

For those who have no desire to catch the murderer, characters are welcome to attempt to hinder or otherwise impede justice. This can be tampering with evidence, contaminating crime scenes and wiping computer systems and records or even committing murders themselves to distract and confuse the Legionnaires.

Players who chose to do this will be rewarded in the same manner as Collaborative Investigation threads and Murder threads. The required amount of posts to be eligible for a roll is five. They must be actively directed toward helping the Butcher or antagonizing him in some way.

That is, Crow Masayoshi cannot set fire to a building and get a reward; unless the building holds Legion clues and evidence damning Giles St. Babin. Kashiro Henche may not cut a man up and sell his liver for profit and get a reward; unless she slices and dices in a manner as to make it look like the Butcher did it.



Solving Ciphers

For every correct letter a player identifies one of their characters will receive a 30% chance of a mastery increase. The character must be involved in the Butcher plot.

Collaboration between players is strongly encouraged. I highly doubt one person is able to solve the cipher alone. You may submit your letter(s) as a team. Player teams may not exceed three people. All players submitting a letter are eligible for the roll.

Clues for the ciphers will be awarded through investigation threads: both murder threads and collaborative investigation threads.


Fucking, read it you dweeb, there are important clauses up there, damnit. I worked hard on this!

- Each investigation thread will be rewarded with IC clues to investigate the murderer, and out of character clues to solve the cipher.

Investigating a Murder Scene

- First three Legionnaires on scene have a 90% chance of Mastery Increase.
- Legionnaire with most posts has a 30% chance to recieve a new dominion. (At Lesser)
- Civilians on scene have a 75% chance for a mastery increase. They may either obstruct justice or aid the investigation.
- All characters must have five posts to qualify for the reward.

Anticipating a Murder Scene

- One character, per player per cipher may attempt to intercept the murderer before he kills.
- Up to three players may join a team (one character each).
- Players must show why they believe this is location that they believe the murder will happen next. Blind guessing will result in a forfeiture of reward rolls for the next round.
- An incorrect guess will recieve a 10% chance of a mastery increase.
- A correct guess will receive a 100% chance of a dominion gift at the level of minor.

Fieldwork Investigation

- Additional investigations are rewarded with a 20% chance of a mastery increase.
- Characters must have at least ten posts to be eligible.

Obstructing Justice + Shenanigans

- Characters choosing to obstruct justice had a 20% chance of a mastery increase.
- Characters must have at least five posts to be eligible.

Solving Ciphers

- For every letter solved, a player's character will recieve a 30% chance of a mastery increase.
- Teams of three players may recieve rewards for the submission of the same letter.

Find Giles St. Babin

Played by AdAshtra
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This post was last modified: 05-07-2017, 04:41 PM by Giles St. Babin Posted | 05-07-2017, 02:52 PM


This is a lot to digest, Ash..

Tell me about it! if you have any questions feel free to DM me them on Discord or something, man. Seriously.

In the case of ciphers and murders, the rules will be reposted for easy digestion every time they happen. So there's that.

But seriously, feel free to ask questions.

Is this quest open to everyone or just Legionnaires?

While the quest caters to the Legion, and to a lesser extent the Spirit Detectives, all characters are welcome to participate, both affiliated and unaffiliated! This also includes other murderers and criminals who may chose to hinder rather than help the investigation.

How do we get involved?

Ping me with what you would like to contribute, and I'll do my best to help set you up. Fair warning, I am trying to make it as intricate and tailored as possible, which is not easy or quick - but I swear if you're on my list you will be loved and shit will go down in your corner too.

Are players responsible for keeping track of clues and letters?

Nah, I'll log them on the development thread. No worries. Though, it wouldn't hurt, to keep track of them on your own in whatever fashion makes sense to you.

What's the end game?

Panopticon, and some lovely manipulation and mind rape after that. Way way into the future. I do not foresee Giles being caught until the Cipher is solved.

Okay, but if that's how long it is, what happens if someone intercepts him successfully?

You either A: die, B: get injured, or C: get viscera thrown at you. There's some other options that haven't been decided, but for the most part, you're more than welcome to apprehend him or not or do what you will with the witness account. Generally speaking he's going to hiss and run, tho.
I know I'm such a cocktease!

Okay, so if we can't catch him yet, what's the point?

Mastery increases, bro. And new dominions.

What kind of ciphers are used?

Cheater! 404 not found.

Okay, but are the ciphers actually solvable?

Yes, yes they are.

Find Giles St. Babin

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Players + Thread Tracker

Dramatis Personae


The Incorruptible Ryan Quinn, Acting Captain of Vetala
The Steel-Eyed Eveline Blanchard, Captain of Ghost Town
Arren Estelle, District Attorney
Billie Sweeney, the Hacker + Spy
Quentin Moreno, the Reporter
Mack Johnston, Switzerland Personified
Nogi Kurotatsu, the Double-Dealer
Lionel Rowan, the Golden Hart
Ananke, the Relentless One
Jason Solonik, the Anti-Hero
Peter Roth, the Unfortunate
Sean Mason, the Avenger


The Creature Tweety Bird, Giles St. Babin, the City Butcher
Ma Puce, Simon Zuraw, Patrolman of Vetala
Eris, the Wild Card
Sam Thorne, the Loose Cannon

The Victims

Sage Clemins, the Phoenix
Elias Escalante, the Vigilante (Deceased)
Glenn Rowe, the One that Got Away
Raleigh Pace, the Second Face
Lily Roth, Collateral Damage

Murder Locations

Don’t Fear the Reaper: Grootslang
My Dear Captain (2)/Here Hangs: Vetala Precinct, Janitorial Closet
Saturday Night: Behemoth
My Dear Captain (3)/Gift for the Incorruptible: Ghost Town
Very Real Consequences/Las Golondrdinas/Bloody Breadcrumbs: Peri

The Threads

Updated 4/4

So It Begins: To Protect + Serve
The First Letter: My Dear Captain...
Simon Zuraw Enters the Game: Don't Fear the Reaper
Published in the Elysian Herald; The Second Letter: My Dear Captain... (2)
The First Failure: Vetala Precinct Here Hangs...
Published in the Elysian Herald; The Third Letter: My Dear Captain... (3)
A Flea Amoung Cockroaches: Double Crosser
An Unfortunate Mistake: Saturday Night
Making Headlines: Killer At Large
First of All: Fuck You Dueling Psychopaths
An Answered Letter: Gift for the Incorruptible [TRIGGER: IMG LINKED GORE]
Second of All: Fuck You!: Stolen Thunder
The Final Warning: To Jack London...
A Warning Ignored: Bloody Courtship
We're Not Friends: Bloody Courtship - The Scene
Published in the Elysian Herald; The Fourth Letter: Very Real Consequences
Love Letters: 070 News Media and Journalism [GRAND LIBRARY]
Complications: Las Golondrinas
Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow: Fond Farewell
The Hunt Begins: Bloody Breadcrumbs
Things are Getting Personal: Friend of a Friend
All Out War: Cool Guys Walk Away from Explosions
Playing Dirty: ...Flocking This Way...
Enemy of my Enemy: Dangerous Transactions
Playing Into Strengths: Old Friends, New Goals
Mistaken Identities: Bridges
Why look, Collateral: Spider and the Fly Cliche
Brains over Brawn: Making Ends Meet
Back in Action: Shady's Back, Tell a Friend

Find Giles St. Babin

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From Bloody Breadcrumbs From the signs of the garbage and preliminary diagnostics, alchemy is one of the dominions that the Butcher possesses. And he has a mastery of at least superior.

Making Ends Meet Peter Roth is correct = the Butcher wants to be remembered, to be feared and perhaps even worshipped and followed...

Cipher Alphabet

From Bloody Breadcrumbs Fear is the Mindkiller...

Making Ends Meet While Sean Mason's results have been correct, the Butcher's Cipher is a pigpen Cipher, it is not the only component.

Making Ends Meet The Butcher's letters have been Ciphered Twice. There is a second cipher switching the letters around....

Making Ends Meet The English text and the Cipher text are not direct translations, and simmilarities in typeset are purely coincidental. It is a continuation of a thought, not a revisiting.

Making Ends Meet LL represents two common letters in the English alphabet, but not the eighth and not the eleventh.

Making Ends Meet Sean Mason's hypothysis on the "U" symbol is incorrect.

Find Giles St. Babin

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