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Posted | 09-01-2017, 02:53 AM

To be fair it sounded quite unusual, the sort of thing you'd only hear someone candidly say on a dieting commercial or body-positive program - but the serpent, a creature who had literally built her body, it was like describing a masterpiece she had worked tirelessly to construct.

She's relatively quiet at the time, head cocking though eyes remaining forward as still on the path ahead they move. It's really not apparent that she's listening until she finds a moment where she is given something to respond to, a prompt that triggers her mechanical reaction of speech which most typically was not triggered merely for the sake of it. She treated most all of life systematically, like a science that needed proper procedure, and did not waste her time with idle, real interaction. It was like convening with fish in a bowl; it was never to be considered real. "..It is watery because you boiled the noodles too long. They are sponges, you know. They like the water, and then dilute the cheese. 10 minutes exactly." it was systematic information, a cold troubleshoot that relayed information that she had concrete in her mind. For such a creature as her who ate and ate and tore through life like a bull in a china shop it was surprising that she knew such intricacies concerning such a sport as cooking which demanded ingredients be followed, demanded dexterity and discipline. Henche was capable of a lot of things. Whether or not she exercised that depended on whether there was an easier way with a lot less energy exhausted. "I am not so picky. Only for sanitary purposes, but otherwise if I am hungry I will eat!" she didn't really mind watery macaroni very much. But if she said she wanted something then she wanted it exactly the way she wanted it lest whoever cooked it become the main course. If she wanted watery food she would expect it to be watery, and likewise if she wanted it done properly then that is exactly what she would expect to put on a fork. That sort of back and forth without any seeming method made things... quite difficult for her captured chefs. At least with normal masters, the chefs could assume that the dishes needed to be made according to recipes each time - but sometimes the serpent wanted something different from them. Sometimes she wanted to try cinnamon on her steak (for whatever reason) and if that was the case they had the task of making it remotely presentable.

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