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Advice from a Caterpillar [ QUEST ]



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Advice from a Caterpillar


A double agent sits among the ranks of the White Rabbit, sleeping for a period of time. Recently they've begun dropping well-organized, but often-cryptic, files into a password protected, public directory containing what appears to be: individuals of interest, lists of names, longitude/latitudes for operative locations, blueprints, tech in action, photographic evidence, and vague warnings. The directory is password protected and only certain individuals are being contacted with the direct share link and log in information. It is unclear how individuals are chosen, but what is certain is that the agent is trying to communicate something.

The Caterpillar

The identity of "The Caterpillar" is, as of present, unknown. While this anonymous act of treachery is ambiguous, what is known is that they are actively trying to spread information. It is unclear what the motivation or objective of doing the such could be, especially considering the official White Rabbit policy for dealing with traitors within the organization.

Perhaps this is a desperate final attempt to (safely) expose the White Rabbit for their often unethical efforts... or a set-up. All things considered, to act in this capacity certainly suggests either something of great importance or the potential for great danger.

You have been warned.

Event Mechanics

— White Rabbit characters will be randomly contacted and made aware of a server which is hosting cryptic and confidential information. Superficially this may appear to be rooted in conspiracy theory, but if legitimate, could pose very significant detriment. It is up to your character to decide.

IMPORTANT: If your character is provided with the information, PLEASE do not share the log-in information PUBLICLY! If your character shares the information with another character, you may pass along the log in information via PM or through a DM on Discord!

— While the White Rabbit organization is the primary target, participation is open to ALL characters on Demon Realm.

— Unless your character has been ICly provided the information, it is inaccessible. Characters may be texted or emailed the link (which will be done via PM) while others will have no access to the server aside from sharing that information between one another. This is risky, considering the White Rabbit stance regarding protocol, confidentiality, reliability, and how traitors among the organization are dealt with.

— How much or how little you chose to have your characters participate in this installation of the Mad Tea-Party Quest-line is up to you! You can chose to ignore the prompts, or incorporate this into your character's development. Either decision will affect the subsequent and final chapter of this White Rabbit Quest!

— The secret server will be available from July 26th to September 1, so get posting and try to pick-up some clues!