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So this guy here is Rory's older brother. The prodigy child who their parents loved more than anything. He was the prize jewel. Because he was the one who got all of the attention growing up, he and his sister did not have the best relationship as kids. She was always a little bit jealous, though she never did feel any negative feelings towards him. It got better as they grew up and Rory was more capable of living her life outside of the house. As siblings do, they did care for each other. However Rory hasn't seen him or their parents since she left Iceland at 19.

Oliver is wicked smart. He has a very keen ability to solve problems and picks up on new subjects very quickly. He was always pressured to do better as a kid, and that wore down on him emotionally more than he would like to admit. This guy is pretty open to interpretation. I don't like putting too many restrictions on my ads. The main plot point is he also left their family home to seek something better for himself. There he found himself a spot inside of the Spirit Detectives ( or some other position where he feels like he can do something productive). He's a good guy who just wants to be his own person.

If anyone takes him I'll love you forever. And you'll have endless plots with me.

robb stark

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