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Posted | 10-08-2017, 12:22 PM


In Character Excerpt from NEWSPAPER ARTICLE


WHEN: October 8th to October 31st


Blanchard Industries will be hosting its annual public Halloween Bash at Tyche Resort and Casino this year, and like every year, it's open to both employees and their families, as well as the general public. Live entertainment includes top billing musical artists, as well as well-known artists from right here in the City. Along with the live entertainment, food and drinks will be provided to all guests.

Prepare to arrive early, as the entire neighbourhood of Behemoth is expecting an influx of guests to arrive from both inside the City, as well as outside for the event. The various bars, pools, casinos, and other entertainment destinations around the Tyche Casino will also be lowering their prices during the event to help celebrate the holiday demons are most known for.

Guests are encouraged to wear Halloween Costumes to the event, but those that choose not to are required to dress formally for the event.

This year, the event will also be hosted by the young CEO of the Blanchard Industries' City branch himself, Mr. Étienne Blanchard.

No matter what floor you can afford, from the free first through fourth floors, to the luxurious VIP top floor, Blanchard Industries promises you a night you will never forget. So come on out and mingle with people from all social standings.

Learn more about booking reservations at
Advertisement paid for by Blanchard Industries

Out of Character

Happy October! We have quite a few things in circulation planned for a Halloween event here on DR, and it looks like Blanchard Industries is kicking off the festivities with a month-long Halloween bash! All characters are invited and as long as they have access to media of any kind, they're sure to know about the open-invitation party. This party is being run by Silhouette, so give her a big round of applause!


Because it's an official Halloween event, characters who make at least 5 posts in "[HALLOWEEN BASH]" marked threads in Tyche's board have a 90% chance of mastery increase or 60% chance of ascension gift OR increase by the end of the event on the 31st.
Make sure you mark your threads so we know which ones to count!
Party responsibly, everyone!

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