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The Ashcroft Pack

The History of the Pack

Bound by centuries of war and lose, the Ashcroft's have a long history within the heart of the Southern Demon Realm. Hellhound demons who live and breath the life of pack, Roythrn and Ainsley were the Alpha's of their family. They led them to take over a kingdom for the pack but their ambitions did not stop there. They bred and made soldiers of their own children to lead armies to take over more lands. More and more kingdoms swallowed up in their greed and any who opposed them struck down without mercy.

They encouraged their siblings to do the same. Make soldiers, grow the pack, claim more lands.

Eventually their own children had enough. After Roythrn ordered the youngest, Ryder, to go on a suicide run against a stronger opponent the siblings united to strike down their parents and any who followed them without fail. They took over the kingdom and brought peace to the lands. Now the pack is stronger than ever before and many are being called home. Those who fled either on their own or with their parents away from the madness of the previous Alpha's and those who were cast out for being only half hellhound. All of them were welcome to come home again.

To rejoin the pack.

The Pack

Kolton Leader of the Southern Demon Kingdom. Very calm, wise, and a voice of reason to his pack. Core sibling | played by Alu

Rebekah Coleader of the Southern Demon Kingdom. Rebekah is kindly, warm, but fierce in her passions and takes no shit from anyone. Core sibling | played by Lady Kyo

Paityn Lawyer by day, monster tamer by night, Paityn has a heart to big for her body. She believes everyone deserves love and happiness. Core sibling | played by Lady Kyo

Mikhail Fierce, Moody, Violent, Morally twisted. Mikhail will do whatever it takes to protect his family, even if that means locking them away for their own good or killing ill suited suitors. Core sibling | played by Lady Kyo

Everleigh Half of the twinset of her and her twin Leighton Everleigh is a little firecracker with a mind for hacking and the courage to take on anyone. Core sibling | played by Peeking

Leighton Half of the twinset of himself and his twin, Everleigh, Leighton is practical, kind, and generous with his time. Core sibling | Player currently on hiatus. NPC'd by the rest of the pack.

Aerin A spirit detective with a love of partying, Aerin is friendly, warm, and open. She only ever gets angry when it comes to protecting her pack. Cousin. | Played by Kyo

Elijah Intelligent. Wise. Curious. Elijah is always seeking to learn and understand the minds of others. Cousin. | Played by Kyo

Miyuki Daughter of Mikhail, Legion officer. A heart of gold on this one. Protector of the innocent and seeker of justice | played by sekah

Shawn Human friend of Mikhail, A legion officer with a heart of gold and a deep understanding of both wolves and the minds of the pack. | played by Edge

Dyrnar Oldest demon friend of the family. Wise enough to play twisted little games and hot enough that you'll want to play right along | played by eden

Solomon Another close enough friend that he has become pack. Solomon takes a certain fortitude to befriend but he has earned his place among the pack twofold. | played by edge

Want to Join us?

Joining the pack is easy for family. We have plenty of spaces for more cousins as they are hellhound demons after all. And hellhounds have lots of pups to who knows how many siblings Roythrn and Ainsley have/had to populate the world with more Ashcrofts!

There is no certain ethnicity requirement for face claims, no personality traits they must adhere to. There are only two requirements for pack members.

1. They must have at least one full hellhound demon parent. Whether they take after this parent in form or not is entirely up to you but it is not required! They just have to have one parent be full hellhound to blood tie them to the family.

2. They must be loyal to the pack. The Ashcroft's are no joke. They take loyalty deathly serious. Any who are found to be unloyal will either be cast out or put to death for the safety of the rest. That doesn't mean they have to like the pack, however, look at Mikhail and Everleigh. Those two would gladly beat the hell out of each other over and over again and never speak to one another. However, if the others life were in danger they would come running to their aid without hesitation. That's loyalty and that is whats required.

We also ask for skilled roleplayers who understand character depth, growth, and deep plots. You do not have to be the best writer in the world nor am I asking for people who will pump out 9 paragraph posts each time but rather those who truly understand their characters and are ready to really develop them and get lost in deep plots and development.

That is it though. Loyalty and 1 hellhound parent. Any questions about their past please feel free to pm me here or dm me on discord! I tried to be thorough in the core siblings history of how the wars went down but I'm sure I missed some things so do not hesitate to ask!

So come join us.

Join the family.

Grow the pack.

Take the city.....

Pack Inspiration