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Open Threads

Want People to Easily Jump into Your Open?

This is a library of open threads on the site! Post here after you've made an open, if you want people to jump in. Please let us know the maximum capacity of people you'd like to join. If you no longer wish to let people hip-hop into your open, you can also post in this thread to have your open removed from the list!

Open Threads

Way Down We Go: Cyrene plans on delivering a personal brand of justice in Ghost Town. | 3

Work hard, Play Hard: Delivering a justice-pizza to the crime ridden city while on patrol, what could go wrong? | 3

Will you let the chaos in?: My little chaos demon, Eris, hanging out at a bar | IDK LIKE 10?

Strolling the Park: My sweetie, Sage, wandering around a park | I GUESS LIKE 5???

Home Sweet Home: Sage again, wandering the shopping district | i'm making these numbers up 5

Let's Play Mr. Dressup: Alehkar becomes a doctor | 3

WAR DOGS: Aiden and gang are at the harbor taking in a weapons shipment. How could this go wrong? | 3

Seeking Employment: Vaces is walking around Vetala looking for an employer. | Max of 12

Shooting Star: Meet Ruiji! Lost and hungry, the Librarian is looking for friends! | Up to 5 I suppose

Swing: Meet Ruiji! The Librarian is lurking and taking pictures! Walk up to him and say hi! | Up to 5 I suppose

Wait a Minute: Mack and Samael are at the club! Come and cure them of boredom | 5 I suppose


Remember to remove asterisks!

Thread URL: URL to open thread
Thread Title: Title of the thread
Thread Description: A short teaser about the thread; entice people to join!
Number: Max number of people that can join